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Lycopene, the carotenoid found in fruits and vegetables, produces a distinct red colour, and is a potent antioxidant for good health. Reducing oxidative stress, it may lead to reduced risk of cancer (especially prostate), and cardiovascular disease.

Tomato red for health and vitality

Parry’s Tomato Lycopene Complex is so nutrient-rich as it has been uniquely extracted from natural tomatoes, with all phytonutrients intact with minimal loss.

Off the top, here is what we promise you with our lycopene:

  • Non-GMO and vegan
  • Highly stable complex - heat, light, and pH stable
  • Complying with global standards, regulatory requirements, and parameters
  • Complete traceability of each batch
  • Non-irradiated, and non-allergen, and toxins-free
  • All our tomato lycopene products comply with USP 29 for lycopene preparations and applicable regulations and directives of EU and other nations

Why parry’s lycopene?

  • All our products are stable and effective for two years
  • The complex is well-homogenised in vegetable oils and is ideal for soft gel encapsulation
  • We offer versatility in the format and offer a customisable range with oils, DC-grade micro-encapsulated powders, beadlets, cold water dispersible powder, and suspension-grade liquids.

Customized range

Parry offers highly stable Lycopene complex in a versatile and customised range of Oils, DC grade micro-encapsulated powders, beadlets, cold water dispersible powder and suspension grade liquids.

Our products include:

Lycopene Powder
Lycopene Oil
Lycopene Beadlets