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Spirulina is considered a wholesome superfood, by even World Health Organization (WHO). This is because it is so nutrient-dense it can be the solution to many ailments. Rich in iron and Vitamin A, spirulina is a great supplement for energy and general well-being, and detoxification.

The 100% organic, 100% natural superfood

At Parry, we’ve learned that when it comes to producing spirulina, the traditional ways are the best. Our open-pond cultivation allows a high yield and nutritionally dense strain of spirulina, consistently. But that is not all. We produce completely organic spirulina. This means that only organic nutrients and methods are used to grow spirulina at our USFDA certified facility in Chettinad, Tamil Nadu.

Off the top, here is what we promise you with our organic spirulina:

  • Non-GMO, non-irradiated, and allergens-free organic spirulina, grown in pollution-free environment
  • Completely vegan
  • Toxin free - adhering to strict regulations for heavy metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) levels.
  • Parry’s Organic Spirulina conforms to stringent heavy metals specification, meeting the US, the UK, and the EU regulations.
  • Even at a dosage of 10 gms per day, Parry’s Spirulina complies with California Prop 65 limit.
  • Compared to other brands of spirulina in the market, our products are considered safe with lowest heavy metals and PAH compounds.
  • Heavy metals and PAH compounds are carcinogenic, affecting various organs in the body, and are potentially toxic to humans.

Why parry’s spirulina?

We produce spirulina in a pollution-free environment that optimises cultivation backed by decades of research.

  • Our pristine location provides for ideal conditions to grow spirulina year-round. We have been doing so for the past two decades, producing healthy, green spirulina that can supplement health goals of people.
  • The weather is perfect in Chettinad for our spirulina cultivation. With just the right amount of sunlight and very low rainfall, our organic spirulina is pure, and highly nutrient-dense.
  • Given our care to use the right organic nutrients and select the best cultivation methods, our organic spirulina is rich in phytopigments like phycocyanin and beta-carotene.
  • Our minimally processed spirulina helps preserve the nutrients and the pigments, which several other producers strip during harsh processing.

Low heavy metals

Parry’s Spirulina is regularly tested for heavy metals in internationally acclaimed third party laboratories. It can not only bind to cellular components like structural proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids but also interferes with their function.

Our products include:

Spirulina Powder
Spirulina Tablet
Spirulina Granules
Spirulina Flakes
Spirulina Stickes
Spirulina Crunchies